Parents with children of different ages will certainly appreciate the convenience of a sit and stand stroller, which offers just enough room for their growing toddler and the new little one of the family. Featuring a front seat for your newborn baby and a rear seat for your older kid, sit and stand strollers will enable you to keep an eye on both children with ease. But with literally dozens of different models to choose from, selecting the best sit and stand stroller can become more of a challenge.

Safety Comes First:

When children are involved, safety comes first. The stroller you choose must pass specific safety standards, and also have additional safety features included to ensure that both of your children will be secure during the ride. When it comes with the harness of the front seat, a 5-point harness system will be the best option to go for since it will add extra protection to your newborn. Moreover, the stroller should also have a brake system – some models will actually have a hand brake system together with a rear brake system as well, which make the whole unit even safer.

Look for a Stroller with Convenient Features:

Given that a sit and stand stroller entails riding with two kids at the same time, you will want a model that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Most strollers can hold up to 100 pounds (50 per seat), which can make them quite difficult to maneuver. Ideally, your stroller should weigh no more than 30 pounds – some will weigh even less, but keep in mind that a lightweight stroller will be no good if it is poorly manufactured.

Look for a stroller with fully-swiveling front wheels, as they will allow you to easily maneuver the unit and turn corners. The wheels should also be lockable for those times when the terrain is uneven, or when you want to go jogging and take your kids with you. A multi-recline front seat is desirable, as it can be successfully placed in a fully-flat position for naptime. A canopy is another feature to consider, as it will protect your kids from UV rays and keep the comfortable.
If you need a sit and stand stroller that can accommodate a car seat, we recommend selecting a universal model, as these can fit most types of car seats without issues.

Get a Stroller with Lot of Storage:

Storage is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a sit and stand stroller. Regular strollers have a large storage basket under the front seat, but you will also want a tray positioned on the handle where you can place your cup of coffee, tea, phone, or other essentials. Some models also have a tray placed just in front of the main seat, so you can keep the kid’s bottle on hand.

Check Out the Price:

When shopping for a sit and stand stroller, the price is an important factor that can help you decide whether a specific model is good for you. We suggest choosing a model that does not cost more than $150, as many of the better strollers cost under $130 or $140. Keep in mind that high-end brands will likely be pricier, especially if they have more safety features and are made of good-quality materials.

Final Thoughts:

There is a good chance that your first stroller will not also be the best choice for your specific needs. We suggest that you make a list of your needs, and then research different models available to see which ones are a good match. Then you can proceed to making comparisons and reading different best sit and stand stroller reviews to get an idea about the capabilities of each model.

So if you would like to know the best sit and stand strollers available to buying, take a look at all the recommendations in the entire reviews below to find out the best one that will suit your requirements.

Ok, let’s start our rock&roll journey!

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