Startup Rules, Regulations. Sucessful Profile

1) Am I ready for my own Startup?
2) What is the perfect time for Startup?
3) Why Startup fails?
4) What process to follow for Startup?
5) How to identify, validate & develop an Idea?
6) How to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?
7) Product first or Customer first?
8) Select Speed or Perfection?
9) How to differentiate ourselves in the market?
10) How to select the Product?
11) How to handle the Risk?
12) How to find Investors?
13) What are the government schemes for Startup?
14) How to avail the Benefits of Government Schemes?
15) How to write a Business Plan?
16) How to promote the Brand?
17) Is mentor required? Why?
18) What is the Importance of Profit & Loss Account? How to draw it?
19) How to choose the appropriate Technology?
20) Characteristics of the High Performance Entrepreneur
21) What are the Qualities of the Founding team?
22) What are the Big Fears that stops you from Starting of your own Business?


  • Any college, school or university want to train their students on Start-up or Entrepreneurship
  • Any College, School or university want to organize Workshop on Entrepreneurship or Start-up
  • Any student having burning desire for her/his own start-up.
  • Any person who want to be an Entrepreneur or already become Entrepreneur.
  • Any individual who is beginner towards the Journey for start-up
  • Any Salaried Individual who want start his/her own Venture
  • Any Corporate Professional who want to set-up his/her own Business
  • Any Corporate Employee who want to achieve new heights in his/her job
  • Existing Entrepreneur who want to become High Performance Entrepreneur
  • Any Corporate Employee who want to take the ownership of the Route to success Of his/her company.
  • Any college, school or University what to organize for Expert Talk on any Topic related to Start up or Entrepreneurship
  • Any Corporate or any other organization want to train their employees regarding Any Management related topic

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