Fitness Gym, Programs, Timings, Fees is a unisex fitness centre which aims to nourish the physical, mental, and emotional abilities through an unique blend of modern techniques. Best Gyms in Hyderabad Here is a once in a life time oppurtunity to be a part of the most hip and happening event in town. is launching its world class gym in Hyderabad. Avail yourself the benefits of working out at Get once in a lifetime oppurtunity to train with highly professional gurus. The Training programs offered at Gym are the fruits of 30 years teaching and training people.

Get enrolled today in Physical Fitness, Health, Mind and Body Building Programs to get the results you had only dream about. Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Spin, Aerobics, Weight Training. Experience a deeper meaning to good health and happiness in a cool and serene ambience aided by world cardio, strength and weight training equipments.

Complete fitness to us means: Balancing the internal feeling and external outlook and behavior through personally supervised workout by trained instructors at no extra or hidden cost other than annual subscription . All our training sessions are planned and over seen by our master trainer Mr. Sunu Abraham who has 30 years of teaching experience in this field.


Free weights, modern equipments, different principles (compounding, circuit training, pyraminding, isolation, negative reps, forced reps, super speed, one and half method, partial reps etc are taught to sculpt the body to the required size and shape.

Own body weight is used fully and partially to strengthen core and joints.

Static cycle, aerobics with musical rhythm to achieve cardio strength, endurance, co-ordination and speed.

Step aerobics (only for women) few classes improves agility, co-ordination.

Uniting the mind and body, breath to the aatma (the true knowledge) through series of postures/teachings.

Three months of training is to men and women (17-30 years) with practical classes on different locations of centers in Bangalore.

After 30 years in the field of fitness, gym introduces, fitness and consultancy.

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