3 Questions on Sleep Answered

I asked the pediatrician Ana Maria Escobar, who has just released the second book of his Welcome Baby series (Editora Globo) to solve some doubts living prowling the heads of the parents:

1. My son just wants to play and does not want to sleep. What do I do?

The climate of the house must go quieting down about two hours before bedtime.Nothing exciting games and running around. The doctor Ana Escobar recommends:… “Everyone should go relaxing the tone of attitudes and voice Take a nice bath, put on pajamas, brushing teeth and bed All this preferably at the same time every night Routine is important to children’s habits. ”

2. My child should sleep alone or should I put it in bed?

“After a day of work, the time to put the children to bed can be invaluable also for parents, relaxing together with his son,” says the pediatrician. Its quiet presence ensures the strength that the child needs to sleep alone, knowing is loved and protected.

3. I arrive home late and leave early. That is, if my son to bed early, not meeting with him. What do I do?

According to Ana doctor, the contact of parents with children is fundamentally important. But in some circumstances, times are prohibitive. “In these cases, there is no problem in letting the child sleep a little later,” she says. But you need to take some precautions: Make sure that your child go to sleep for nine to ten hours straight; do not spend time on the computer or TV. Instead, take the time to talk before sleep do the bedtime ritual. Finally, avoid games that let the excited and sleepless children.

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